Monday, February 20, 2012

Memory Mondays: I was born to be an English major.

Little Courtney Writing Her First Novel
I remember calling my Mom some time last year in order to inform her that I had finally decided on a major. When I blurted out that I was going to become an English major, she retorted, "well, I'm not surprised." I fortunately dogged the age old question, "what are you going to do with that?"

Thinking back, it seems that the signs were always there. Take for example my favorite childhood film, Beauty and the Beast. Disney released Beauty and the Beast the year before I was born. In an effort to build our VHS collection of Disney Classics, my parents quickly purchased it before I could even recognize what a movie was. I remember I used to watch that film over and over. This was when we had to actually rewind films. I'm sure I completely wore that VHS tape out. I absolutely idolized the film's heroine, Belle. Not only was she pretty, but she shared my love of books. My favorite scene is definitely when the Beast unveils his sweet surprise to Belle: a huge library filled with thousands of books. I wanted that library. I still want that library. As a huge reader, it's going to be a perquisite for any future home.

I've just always been a reader. Most parents punish their children by sending them to the dreaded corner of silence otherwise known as time out. Some resort to a firm spanking. My parents were different. They took away my bedtime stories if I ever misbehaved. All it took was the mere threat of losing my beloved bedtime story, and I would instantly behave.

Eventually, my love of reading gave way to my passion for writing. Fun fact: I won a poetry award in third grade. It was an angst filled poem that could only come from the mind of an eight year old. It's rather ridiculous, and much to my dismay, my mother has it framed somewhere. How embarrassing. I would most definitely say I've grown since then, not just in height but as a writer...hopefully. If not, that's what my major is for! As an answer to the original question of what I'm going to do with that, I respond, "I'm going to do what I've always enjoyed." 

May all your memories be meaningful,

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  1. I have similar memories of that scene in Beauty and the Beast...but I was just as taken with Philippe, Belle's horse, as I was with her library :) There was a carousel at the mall near my house, and whenever we went I made my parents wait until the only brown horse was free to ride, because in my mind, it was Philippe and we were galloping off to save my father.