Friday, April 6, 2012

Flashback Fridays: Holiday Television

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I'm not Jewish, but I can still write about Passover, right? OK I've never celebrated passover, but I do know about it. How? Not from friends, distant relatives, or good ole Wikipedia, but rather, from some 90s Nickelodeon!

That's right! Rugrats once had a Passover themed episode. Looking back, that was rather progressive of them. I can easily recall at least ten different TV episodes from childhood that featured some Christmas theme, but rarely did anyone approach Jewish holidays as source material.

Some shows typically lampoon the commercialism of various holidays, but this episode takes an appropriate stance. It manages to keep the same charming humor of Rugrats all while explaining this Jewish tradition. The episode tells the story of Passover but with the Rugrats characters in place of the historical figures.  Sure it's a little abridged, but for a half hour episode it certainly covers it well.

So even if you're not celebrating this evening, I encourage you to check it out. As a part of it's 90s Are All That feature, Nickelodeon has put the full episode online. You can watch it here! Even if you don't celebrate it, brush up on your culture a bit and learn something.

However, I am left with one question. (English Major Critical Thinking Skills). If they all end up locked in this attic, then how did they ever get out?

Do you have any fond memories of holiday television? Feel free to share!


  1. I do remember the Rugrats specials fondly :) Invader Zim holiday specials were also awesome but in a VERY different way. Also, not sure if that was 90s or early 00s.

    Have you ever thought about doing a post on that Crazy Daisy sprinkler toy? I feel like that could call up some entertaining memories--at least for me, a Crazy Daisy represents total fear of getting smacked by it VS. the urge to look awesome in front of my neighborhood friends.

    1. I do remember Crazy Daisy! I will be sure to incorporate that in a post soon.

  2. I also love holiday television!

    As a Jew, I learned everything I know from Christmas themed movies and tv shows :)

    1. It's nice that it goes both ways. Holiday specials are my favorite.