Friday, April 20, 2012

Flashback Fridays: Neopets

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Hi, I'm Courtney, and I was once a Neopet-holic. (Hiiiii Courtneyyyyy). OK so Neopets wasn't exactly "90s," but it was a big part of my childhood in the early 2000s, so you're just going to have to deal with that.

How do I even begin to describe Neopets? Neopets was (well is) an online community where children (and creepy adults?) could adopt a virtual pet, play games, collect NeoPoints, and have fun in a safe controlled environment. It was also incredibly addicting.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit how much time I spent on it between the ages of 8 and 10. Probably way more time than any kid should have spent in front of a computer, but everything was so pretty and fun! I mean I had to keep my Neopet alive right?! Actually...I don't think they die. They just get really hungry? I never fed mine. I probably shouldn't have kids one day. Um anyway...

There's so much to talk about regarding this website, but I think I will break it down into my 5 favorite things:

1. The Advent Calendar: Every December during the (politically correct) "Month of Celebrating," you could log on and receive a prize each day of the month! They ranged from various items of swagger for your Neopet to thousands of neopoints or a special avatar. It was daily dose of holiday cheer in the form of tiny pixels on a computer screen, and I loved it.
Advent Calendar!
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2. Scratch cards: Neopets had their own form of the lottery. Every few hours or so you could purchase a scratch card in order to win rare prizes or a jackpot!!1!1!!1!!!11! I enjoyed buying these with my hard earned neopoints. I probably bought about three a day. I might have had a gambling problem.

Why do you mock me Kiosky Wocky?!
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3. The Wheels: Wheel Of Excitement, Wheel of Knowledge, Wheel of Mediocrity, Etc. Neopets also featured various wheels that you could spin in order to win rare prizes or a jackpot!!1!1!!1!!!11! I recall spending lots of time watching the wheel spin round and round in hope of winning a paintbrush but usually coming out with a mere 50 neopoints. Whatever. I might have had a gambling problem.
Wheel of Excitement! Look at all the pretty colors!
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4. Poogle Races: Every 15 minutes Neopets would allow you pick one of 5 "poogles" (One of Neopets many made up pet breeds) and bet on whether or not they would win. The amount you won depended on how much you bet. I always picked Poogle number two. Yes, I had a favorite number to bet on. I might have had a gambling problem.
Run Poogles Run!
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5. Cheat: Neopets had a lot of different games you could play. Many were flash based adventure games or puzzles. I preferred the simple card game of cheat. I later found out it's based off of a card game called BS. Well actually it is BS but with a child friendly name. I was pretty skilled at calling the bluff of various computer characters. I might have had a gambling problem.
Bring it on Little Timmy the Tuskaninny
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There you have it! Everything I loved on the internet in my later elementary school years. I am really not sure if this gave you an adequate overview of Neopets or an insight into my compulsive and addictive tendencies as a child. I think I just came to a sobering realization that I might have had a gambling problem. Well, at least I got it out of my system early.

I need to go buy a lottery ticket or something.


  1. Wait... this was really brilliant. You did a great job at catching the narrative voice and flow, reminding us how rich and wasted our young lives were.

    You actually inspired me to swing by and log in to see my starved little guy. I couldn't remember his name for the life of me. I don't remember having this, erm, "sophisticated" a sense of humor when I was 9...

  2. I had an Eyrie named mysterieux and I thought I was soooo cool with my French vocab.

  3. Hahaha started playing this game like early 2001, i was 1st year highschool back then, until ragnarok online came along and jump into it. used to play the maze game(forgot the name >.<). i can still remember the name of my noepets, but already forgot my username and password.., cant access my old email aswell. lol.