Friday, April 13, 2012

Flashback Fridays: Power Rangers!

Go Go Power Rangers!
I'd totally rock those boots.
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I will preface this by saying if you didn't have a favorite Power Ranger, you were not a child of the 90s. But like really. Ok that may be a little harsh, but these six heros were a huge part of the 90s childhood culture. I can recall many afternoons running around the cul-de-sac imitating killer karate moves in an effort to save the world before dinner time.

I would always fight for my right to be the Pink Ranger. I mean come on, I had brown hair just like she did. Shouldn't that be evidence enough? Anyways, we'd traverse through back yards and around the houses fighting off those imaginary bad guys that of course only we could see.

I always wanted to be the Pink Ranger. I totally had a pink ranger barbie doll, pink ranger costume, and pink ranger morphing action figure. I may have been a little obsessed. We'll chalk up to be embracing my inner theatrical side. 

I don't recall much of the television show, but I do remember that the movie was pretty kick ass. Just watch this clip: 

All those special effects! All that action! All that spandex! 

 OK so yes the girls were given the typical pink and yellow colors, but can we step back and think about how these girls showed just as much power as the boys? They weren't the damsels in distress often found in superhero stories; they actually were a part of the super group. They switched it up though. I think in one of the later series/spin offs the blue ranger was a girl and the yellow ranger was a boy. Yay switching it up from typical "gender appropriate" colors. 

If you're currently wanting to fulfill your dream of becoming a Power Ranger, I found a website selling t-shirts. I still want to rock the Pink Ranger one. Now accepting donations... not really, but my birthday is in July. 

Who was your favorite Ranger? 


  1. I remember one version having a yellow asian guy power range and a black black power ranger. #racialfailfacepalm. But I always wanted to be the black power ranger. Perhaps this was an early manifestation of my desire to have an afro. Hmm.

    1. Whatever floats your boat! I do recall that as well, and wasn't the red one Native American or something? Oops. 90s Political Correctness Fail.