Monday, April 9, 2012

Memory Mondays: My Favorite Picture

I didn't even know it existed until a few weeks ago. Allow me to explain. I am an only child, which means I am my parents' pride and joy. This has resulted in photo album after photo album after photo album filled with pictures from my childhood. All of these currently fill part of a bookshelf in my mother's home.

No one really looks at them, but I guess they're there for when we feel nostalgic.

 Or maybe my mom looks at them when I'm gone and cries over them or something like that. I'm not entirely sure. (I'm not heartless, I really do love her, promise).

However, I decided to take a look at a few of the albums in preparation for writing this blog. I then came across this gem:

Little Courtney & The Awful Apple Juice Hangover
According to my mother, she snapped this as I was recovering in bed from a fever. Yeah...apparently that's kodak moment material? Not entirely sure, but I just find this picture amusing. Maybe it's because it doesn't have that typical family photo album happy go lucky feel. You know what I'm talking about. The vacation pictures where everyone is all happy smiley or even better, those awkward family photos. This just seems more real.

If only sick days today were as easy as curling up with blankie, relaxing with my ninny (the pacifier), and putting a cold compress on my head. I have some pretty fond memories of sick days. Most were spent curled up in bed watching daytime television and cartoons. They always included kraft mac and cheese. Here in college, it requires a bit more of an effort and perhaps a few trips to the health center. Plus lots of worrying about all the work you're missing.

Do you have any favorite pictures from your childhood? Feel free to share!

May All Your Memories Be Meaningful,


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  1. Seriously, if I could just lay in bed all day, I would gladly accept the worst flu. Ahh, to have a sick day.