Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Where Are They Now?" Wednesdays: S Club 7

I recently received a "where are they now?' request from one of my fellow ENGL488B bloggers, Briana. She wants to know what happened to S Club 7. I'll admit I have a very vague memory of them. 

Here's what I remember: 

  • They were a pop band from the UK.
  • They had an American TV show.
  • There were seven of them. 
  • There ain't no party like an S Club Party:

This is a lazy Wednesday. I feel like no one really knew them by their individual names, but rather, they thought of the group as a whole. Seriously, if you can look at the photo below and match the names with the people, you're far better at this than I am. Here's a list of what a few of them are up to:
Photo Credit:
  • Tina went on to have a relatively unsuccessful solo career in the UK
  • Paul went on to have an even less successful DJ career. No joke he, Jo, and Bradley tried to form 'S Club 3' in 2008. Really? Really...? 
  • Jon has dabbled in film and C list reality star competitions. 
  • Bradley only remained active in a few featured artist roles on other songs
  • Jo apparently went the reality route as well and starred on the UK show "Celebrity" Big Brother 2008. 
  • Hannah moves back and forth between television and live theatre 
  • Rachel ended up with the most successful solo career. She apparently had a few solo #1s on the UK pop charts. 

 They band split in the early 2000s, but luckily for Brianna they're going on a reunion tour You just need to go to the UK to see it. After seeing what they've been up to, I'm not surprised they want to get back together. Seems the Spice Girls have been much better off than these kids. 

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