Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Where Are They Now?" Wednesdays: Kenan and Kel

Whoooo loves orange soda? Kel loves orange soda! Back in the day, before all this TEENick stuff, we had Snick aka Saturday Night Nick. One of the more popular shows was called Kenan & Kel featuring Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. It basically followed the misadventures of these two pals.

Both Kenan and Kel found their start on another Snick classic, All That. The two became standout stars in  sketches like GoodBurger. They were such a hit that Nickelodeon gave them their own show, and even a GoodBurger movie! (Welcome to GoodBurger home of the GoodBurger. May I take your order?) I think the classic everyone remembers is Kel's song "I'm Dude."

Eventually the show ended along with the 90s and most of the Snick line-up. Since then, the pair split off and went their separate ways.

Kenan has been the more successful of the two. After a brief hiatus and work in minor roles, he regained some stardom when he played Fat Albert in the movie of the same name. Shortly thereafter, he became a cast member of SNL. I'd hardly call him a standout cast member on the show, but he does have some pretty good recurring characters. It's fun seeing him going back to his sketch comedy roots. It's like a flashback to those All That days. I can remember sitting in front of the TV staying up "late" on a Saturday night in order to watch the latest episode. Now my "bedtime" isn't an issue, but I'll admit I rarely make it past weekend update.

Where were we? Oh right. The other guy. Kel. Yeah...he hasn't had much success since then. He's been out of the limelight so long that people actually thought he was dead. Sort of rings a bell doesn't it? According to IMdB, he's still acting. However, I don't see any titles I recognize as I browse his filmography list. It's kind of embarrassing and sad.

I'd love to see a reunion of these two on SNL one day. What about you?


  1. In my procrastination I found this and thought of your blog: 25 Ways to Tell You're a Kid of the 90s. Goodness. Mash! I had forgotten all about that game.

    1. So much nostalgia! Thanks for sharing!