Monday, March 12, 2012

Memory Mondays: Chuck E. Cheese

Little Courtney & The Ball Pit of Germs
Let's talk about Chuck E. Cheese. I hope you all know what Chuck E. Cheese is; I mean after all it's still around and thriving. Who knew a giant rat, pizza, and video games was so recession proof?

I'm sure everyone has some sort of memory from Chuck E. Cheese. Maybe it was one of seven birthday parties you attended there. Perhaps it was a traumatizing encounter with an overgrown rat.  Or even a fond nostalgia for the pizza. Any time I eat left over pizza, I always think back to the cold pizza at Chuck E. Cheese.

You probably also remember Chuck E. Cheese's security system. I can recall the hand stamps back in the day. When you entered, they would stamp your hand with some magic ink that only appeared under black light. The stamp had a number, and your parents would receive the same stamp. It was supposed to be a foolproof way to prevent someone from abducting a kid.

Did you ever wonder what happened when someone did try to leave with a different number? I found out.

When I was probably four or five years old, I had an aunt who would watch me during the day. Looking for a source of easy child entertainment, she took me to Chuck E. Cheese. Well of course, we got the hand stamps. However, my Mom came to join us later that day. She too received a handstamp. A different handstamp.

Eventually, it was time to leave, and I was heading out the door with my Mom. Not so fast; we didn't have the same number! I guess my Mom calmly explained the situation. So it's not like I narrowly avoided being a milk carton kid or anything like that.

But what about an even worse form of irresponsible parenting? I'm not talking about the people who try to take home the wrong kid; I'm talking about the people who leave their kids at Chuck E. Cheese. Check out this recent news report from Good Morning America. Seriously watch it. It's both disturbing and hilarious.

So folks, next time you go to Chuck E. Cheese, make sure you have not only the right kid with you, but also that you actually have your kid with you!

May All Your Memories Be Meaningful,


  1. I tried to go to Chuck E. Cheese a few months ago and they were not pleased. They wouldn't let me go in unless I had a child under the age 18 with me. Also, I love that you said you weren't going to be a milk carton kid. So 90s!

    1. Simple solution: find a child! Haha well maybe it's not that easy. That's funny though because I went to Chuck E. Cheese a few months ago for a trip down memory lane with a friend. I guess they let me in because I look like I am 12.

      I have some strange recollection of some TV movie about a milk carton kid. Definitely 90s.