Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Where Are They Now?" Wednesdays: Steve from Blue's Clues

Back during the days when I used to rot my brain in front of the TV,  I had quite a few favorite TV shows. Unsurprisingly, most of them were on either Disney Channel or Nick Jr. At least they were somewhat educational.

One of my top choices was Blue's Clues. Let's bask in the nostalgia:

I remember eagerly sitting down in front of the TV with my bowl of Kraft Mac & Cheese and watching it before rushing off to kindergarten every afternoon. I really don't know what it was that entranced me so much, but whatever it was worked.  Maybe it was the felt people, or that darling couple, Mr. Salt & Ms. Pepper.

Image Credit: Nick Jr. 
The most memorable part of Blue's Clues came in the form of the show's host, Steve. I watched during the golden age while he still danced around and searched for clues. He was later replaced by some impostor named Joe, and that wasn't even his real name.

After Steve's departure, many speculated over what became of him. There were rumors of a heroine over dose, but he's still alive and well. According to my roommate, "that's really disappointing."  There's not much to say about him now.  Shortly after leaving Blue's Clues, he pulled a Britney Spears and shaved his head. He also gave a music career a try.

 I'll have to admit, much like my roommate, I am rather disappointed by his low-key post Blue's Clues lifestyle.

SIDE NOTE: Did anyone else know that Blue was a girl?! How progressive!

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  1. Courtney,

    I met the woman who created Blue's Clues a couple of weeks ago! So cool.