Monday, March 19, 2012

Memory Mondays: Mother Dear

Mother Daughter Pic Awwww 
Break out your tissues folks: it's semi-sappy post time. I'm home for spring break this week. Most of my comrades are flocking to PCB for escapades of debauchery and morning after regrets, but I'm opting for a much more tame week at home.

While some people would absolutely dread returning home, I don't really mind it. Maybe it's an only child thing? I'm just happy to spend a week with my Mom.  

I have a lot of fun memories with my Mom over the years. I think one of my earliest memories is from my toddler years when we lived in our first house. I can recall waking up, going into her room, curling up with her and watching reruns of I Love Lucy on TV. We still like to catch it if a marathon is on.

I can also recall the fun day trips we spent together when she was still a stay at home mom. Anything from parks to library trips were fun filled adventures. Eventually, after my parents split, she returned to teaching. I remember sitting in my first grade classroom being very upset because she wasn't there to send me off on the bus the morning of her first day on the job. However, I quickly became ok with her going back to teaching because that meant we were on the same schedule. We were fortunate enough to be able to bake together on snow days and spend summers together. (She always says the three best reasons to become a teacher are June, July, and August)

Throughout everything, she's always been there for me. Anything from a minor boo-boo to the more serious broken hearts. I can't thank her enough. I honestly think if one day I turn out to be half as good of a mom as she is I will be quite fortunate. I am so blessed.

So here I am on spring break looking forward to a few dinners together before I return to school. I don't need a crazy trip or brief getaway. I've got it all here at home.

(OK this was really sappy and cliche, but deal with it. I promise I won't do this all the time)

May All Your Memories Be Meaningful,


  1. aw this is sweet. I love my mom too. It's much better, in my opinion, to be able to find joy in whatever place you are with the people you love, then to have to plan extravagant excursions and events to bring some sort of happiness to life.